The Beginning

Journal Entry #1 (1-15 pages)

Book Cover
Book Cover

My book is called “The World Without Us” by Alan Weisman. It’s about what would happen to the planet if human beings simply disappeared. It also relates to what effects it has on the oceans, cities, art and animals. The main character in the book is Ana María Santi, She is part of the Zápara people. At first I was unsure what a “Zápara” was. Maybe it was an animal, an extinct species of reptiles or a place. I found out they are the original inhabitants of the Amazon region in which they still exist there to this day. The genre of this book is Fantasy fiction. There are  many questions that scratch the surface such as, would the seas still be filled with fish? Would our concrete jungle crumble and make way for a natural one? Those are just some of the questions that arise if humans were to vanish and the world to still be left intact. I decided to choose this book because it immediately stood out to me as soon as I picked it up. I’m highly interested in fantasy novels and what the world could possibly be like in the future. It allows me to be creative and think of different situations and scenarios. I’ve also seen many movies based on what the worlds like after a natural disasters or if humans were to become extinct.

The visual the front cover produces is eye grabbing, seeing rivers in the streets with deer roaming the city. You can’t help but wonder what else would change. Us as humans have changed the world drastically ever since our existance. With the inventions of light, cars, technology and more.

What would the world look like without people? In my opinion, the world we be a better place without the ongoing pollution, the cutting down of trees and the bad people who take what we have on this earth for granted. What do you think?

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