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Journal entry #1 Life Of Pi

The information I received from the beginning of the novel to now is crazy! The thing that surprised me the most are the distances in which you can be from an animal for it to pose as a flight risk. This occurs when an animal is unsafe and feels the need to run away or leave an area. In regards to how the treatment of animals is, I think the zoos in general could do a much better job at making the animals feel at home.

This video will leave you sick to your stomach if you have ANY feelings towards animals. This is the Erbil Zoo located in the capital of the Kurdistan region. This video shows these animals confined in cages, left with garbage for food and absolutely no room to move driving them insane.


The reactions I have toward this are a feeling of disgust because they treat the animals so poorly. I was able to relate to them and feel a sense of disappointment on behalf of civilization, this is just unacceptable. How would you feel if you were taken from your home and put in a confined area or even worse, a cage. I think Pi goes into depth talking about animals behavior because it is similar to those of humans, as well as religion which is another topic Pi is intrigued by. But, specifically towards humans, animals tend to react the same way we do which is a very interesting fact. Animal behavior is very much related to human behavior in the sense that we feel different when placed in a new situation. That much like an animal when moved from the vast and beautiful jungle to a confined cage and plastic trees. One piece of wisdom that comes to mind when reading this is

“Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains awakened”

The incredible bond between man and beast
The incredible bond between man and beast

This piece of wisdom speaks volumes as to what animals can do for us when loved and cared for. We as humans are the most dangerous animals on this planet, not them. They deserve to live in peace because they do no harm to us unless we are the first to act. In his knowledge and concern for animals, Pi seems to be a very loving, caring and loyal man. My attitudes towards animals in this world are very open because they are all beautiful creatures. My opinion is that they aren’t meant to be locked up in cages and used as sources as entertainment for us humans. They deserve much more than they receive and time and time again we treat them in the worst ways. For example, many animal species such as West African Black Rhinoceroses who are now extinct due to US taking them away from their homes and killing them for financial gain or sticking them in zoos to eventually die. My concerns for the future are that there won’t be any animals left due to our constant need for them. Whether it be as pet’s in our homes, in zoos for entertainment, or dead for fur and food. The future for animals is in our hands and it’s time to make a change and this time, not for us.

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