Life of Pi Lost Chapter

Lost Chapter between Chapter 89 & 90.

I looked up into the sky and asked “why? Why me?” had these events been placed upon me for a reason, or was it just my luck. I had lost track of the days as time went on, survival became my only option. Richard Parker hadn’t been himself either, lacking food and sleep can drive anyone crazy. I dozed off for 20 minutes and was awaken by the sound of the boat rocking as if we’ve just been hit by something. I looked out over the boat to see nothing but the cool, still, blue water of the ocean. I looked over to Richard Parker and he seemed startled as if he saw something. Further on out, about 100 meters away was a fin sticking out of the water. I had also seen what looked to be  an island no more than a 15 minute swim away.  I thought my mind was just playing games with me from the blazing sun, but no. A shark what seemed to be about 30 meters long was swimming this way. I sat back and was glued to Richard Parker as my energy allowed me no reaction. As it got closer my legs and arms continued to shake more and more making Richard Parker wonder if everything was okay. The shark struck the boat again this time almost flipping the entire thing over. I remained close to Richard Parker holding onto him for dear life. I told him “everything is going to be alright,” trying to make myself feel better. The shark this time used all its energy and BANG! the shark hit the side causing the boat to flip in mid air. The water was dented then regained form as us and the boat hit the water. “Help! Help!” I yelled, thinking that would save me from this deadly situation. I saw no shark and no Richard Parker as i scanned the disturbed water and debris of the boat. I dove under hoping I would find Richard Parker and to my surprise there he was, trying to stay up above the water. I swam over to him trying to hold back the fear that the shark was still near. I grabbed Richard Parker and said “I got you,” in a soft confident tone. He didn’t have the lone strength to swim by himself so I fixed him onto my back and swam in the direction of the island we saw earlier. Using everything I had, getting weaker and weaker every motion. we didn’t look back but the one time I did the shark seemed to be gone but we couldn’t bank on it. Both of us were running out of energy, and fast! I repeated to myself “Survive, survive, survive” I learned as a child your body is weaker than your mind. I kept swimming, screaming in pain and choking on the salt water I had swallowed. We made it, both me and Richard Parker laid exhausted on the island shore breathing heavily, my heart beating out of my chest. I glanced over with the little energy I had to see if Richard was okay, he was as I sighed in relief. Another hour passed as weed on the ocean shore not thinking about anything but trying to rest. We both rose up and were curious as to where we were. The island was beautiful with white sand surrounding a rich green forest. Richard Parker ran off, I decided to leave him, the island wasn’t that big. I explored myself searching for some type of food or anything to fill my empty stomach. I came across a tree with orange berries hanging from above. I grabbed a nearby tree branch and shook off a couple which fell to the moist ground. I picked them up and examined them very carefully to make sure they weren’t poisonous. I remembered when I was 6 years old back at my dad’s zoo he told me that orange and blue berries were safe to eat while red and white were not. He told me this because they had many of these berry trees in the animal cages and the red and white ones were never touched. So Without thinking any further I shoved the handful of berries down my throat savouring every bite of the sweet tasty fruit. But, as soon as I swallowed them I heard a voice… “Hello! who are you?” I pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming before I shot around and looked in the direction of the oncoming voice. I was surprised to see someone wearing tarred clothing only covering the bottom of his dirty body. I froze in my footsteps and answered in a very soft tone “My name, my names Pi” He started to walk closer as I was getting ready to run away. The man stopped and said “wait!” so I did, we were now standing face to face. He introduced himself and said “My name is Koopa, I’m the leader of our tribe. We are called the Gwatties”. I was lost in both words and expression. He explained further “We have lived on this island for over 20 years, ever since we survived when our boat sank in the 1950’s. We have managed to survive and live off the island collecting resources and sharing supplies. There are four of us here, two girls and two boys, not including me”. I was shocked and managed to say “I swam here after we got attacked by a shark who wrecked our boat”. He immediately questioned, “We?” I then replied stupidly without hesitating “my tiger” he didn’t seem to believe me because of the odd nature of the friendship, man and beast. After he was done laughing He then offered to take me back to meet the others as well as their home but I politely refused because I needed to find Richard Parker first. I left Koopa and vanished deeper into the forest, I then started screaming “Richard! where are you?” hoping he would hear and run to the sound of the voice. No answer… After hours of searching I came upon what seemed to be the home of the Gwatties. I noticed they had food and I was tired of eating the berries so I quickly split open a coconut they had lying around and drank every last sip of it, finished off with a loud burp. I also needed to rest as I was just about to fall over from all the walking and yelling I had done earlier. Once I entered the home I immediately knew something was wrong. It was as if silence was never so hard to come by. As i looked through the empty house I caught a glimpse of the back to see Richard Parker locked in a cage. My mind started going, part of me was confused and the other part of me was scared not knowing what to do. I leaped through the rest of the house to the back where Richard was caged up. I wasn’t able to find the key but within a few seconds I heard a voice. “You weren’t joking,” Koopa said firmly, right behind me with the other members of the Gwatties. I lost it and screamed “what is this?”  I noticed one of the members behind him was badly injured and had stripped leaves covering his arm, I assumed Richard Parker had done that to him. In a vague tone he then said “We want to make you an offer, we will build a boat for you in return for your tiger, what do you think? do you accept?” I was in total disbelief that anything could be worse than the shark attack but I was wrong. I looked over at Richard Parker and just stared at him and to my luck, the shine of the key to the cage blinded me but I refused to pick it up now so I gently kicked it into RP’s cage without anyone noticing.. I said back to Koopa after minutes of thinking “Yes, I accept”. Immediately after Koopa and the Gwatties started on the boat. I stood by Richard Parker telling him I would try and get him out but the thought of leaving without him drove me insane. As I was going through the house I noticed a huge amount of weapons lying around everywhere, from handguns, spears and knives. I wondered how they managed to posses all of them. Part of me guessed I wasn’t the only one who’s washed up upon this island. Days passed and the boat was close to being finished in which I would be forced to leave the island without Richard Parker. Every Night thoughts consumed my mind of getting away with Richard Parker, most were shot down at the fact there was five of them and only one of me. The last morning came and I was awoken by a light rainfall over the island. I was then greeted by Koopa who had this fake smile on him, one  as if he had just cut in line at the zoo and got away with it. He then led me to the boat and I stopped in amazement “wow” I said with my jaw almost hitting the floor. The boat was constructed perfectly with the use of bamboo as the base and thick leaves and tree branches to provide protection over top. They had brought Richard Parker and his cage by so I was able to say good bye. As I walked up to the cage without hesitation I grabbed the key from inside and unlocked it releasing Richard Parker. He leaped out and was immediately in attack mode as he took out two of the Gwatties with vicious strikes to the face. I couldn’t let Richard Parker have all the fun so I went after the other two as Koopa ran back to the house to savage any weapons he could find. The other four Gwatties had been killed and we had one more to go. I walked along in the direction of Koopa’s house with Richard Parker right by my side. When we reached the house, we realized he wasn’t in there and before we could turn around we heard the sounds of knives being hit together. Richard Parker roared in anger and sprinted toward Koopa. His weapons were useless against Richard Parker who tackled him to the ground biting his entire hand off leaving him in a puddle of blood. I then delivered the life ending blow with a stab right to the head. After the carnage we then gathered any supplies we could find left from the house and headed toward our brand new boat. We were both feeling invincible as I looked up and pointed in the sky “Thank you,” I said to myself. We were unable to stay on the island because the Gwatties had used up everything and we would die trying to live on it. So we boarded the new boat, we salvaged any remaining supplies which was a couple bottles of water, canned soup, flashlight and some towels. It was time to leave, we started pushing the boat deeper and deeper into the calm blue sea as both I and Richard Parker hopped on. It was like we hit the lottery that day but as time went on our supplies started to diminish and we were in the same situation as before but this time, no island in sight.



Animals Like Pie

Journal entry #1 Life Of Pi

The information I received from the beginning of the novel to now is crazy! The thing that surprised me the most are the distances in which you can be from an animal for it to pose as a flight risk. This occurs when an animal is unsafe and feels the need to run away or leave an area. In regards to how the treatment of animals is, I think the zoos in general could do a much better job at making the animals feel at home.

This video will leave you sick to your stomach if you have ANY feelings towards animals. This is the Erbil Zoo located in the capital of the Kurdistan region. This video shows these animals confined in cages, left with garbage for food and absolutely no room to move driving them insane.


The reactions I have toward this are a feeling of disgust because they treat the animals so poorly. I was able to relate to them and feel a sense of disappointment on behalf of civilization, this is just unacceptable. How would you feel if you were taken from your home and put in a confined area or even worse, a cage. I think Pi goes into depth talking about animals behavior because it is similar to those of humans, as well as religion which is another topic Pi is intrigued by. But, specifically towards humans, animals tend to react the same way we do which is a very interesting fact. Animal behavior is very much related to human behavior in the sense that we feel different when placed in a new situation. That much like an animal when moved from the vast and beautiful jungle to a confined cage and plastic trees. One piece of wisdom that comes to mind when reading this is

“Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains awakened”

The incredible bond between man and beast
The incredible bond between man and beast

This piece of wisdom speaks volumes as to what animals can do for us when loved and cared for. We as humans are the most dangerous animals on this planet, not them. They deserve to live in peace because they do no harm to us unless we are the first to act. In his knowledge and concern for animals, Pi seems to be a very loving, caring and loyal man. My attitudes towards animals in this world are very open because they are all beautiful creatures. My opinion is that they aren’t meant to be locked up in cages and used as sources as entertainment for us humans. They deserve much more than they receive and time and time again we treat them in the worst ways. For example, many animal species such as West African Black Rhinoceroses who are now extinct due to US taking them away from their homes and killing them for financial gain or sticking them in zoos to eventually die. My concerns for the future are that there won’t be any animals left due to our constant need for them. Whether it be as pet’s in our homes, in zoos for entertainment, or dead for fur and food. The future for animals is in our hands and it’s time to make a change and this time, not for us.