A Social Drug

Social Media prohibited
Social Media banned [1]
Social media has become an addiction, Facebook  YouTube and Twitter. Talking for hours with someone who’s not with you. being able to speak your mind without saying a word and living behind a screen where the grass isn’t always green. In my opinion, this media we call social is anything but. It is consuming our lives; we are being controlled by this invention. Where you can talk back and forth with the click of a mention. We have become addicted to this technology and what it allows. the way we interact and communicate without speaking out loud.

This social media hype began in 2004 with the creation of Facebook, then YouTube in 2005 and lastly, Twitter in ’06. I believe social media is doing more harm than good to this society and for a variety of reasons. This in which everybody seems to be trapped in a maze, people blinded by this social haze.

Now, you may disagree with my opinion and I can understand why. Being able to talk to friends who live far away, keeping up with family, or just because it’s simply convenient. For example, if you haven’t seen a relative in a long time all you have to do is send them a message and BOOM! you’re in instant contact. Yes, there are good things about social media ” The pluses include easier contacts with friends, and increased chances to make new friends and create a community, as well as find romantic relationships. Even the advertising may be a plus, because it is targeted to the particular interests of the user.” [2]  This quote provides example of how social media can impact your life in a positive way. In my opinion, there are many more cons than pros to this social addiction. For example, Over the years you see less kids playing outside, and for this we need to realize. Realize that There’s a world beyond the doors of our house, being a kid use to mean scraped knees and climbing trees.  kids and teens are inside nowadays, spending hours talking to their friends online. As teenagers, this generation has become addicted to this view, that your self worth is determined by how many likes you get on a post. This feeling is unique and most of us have been diagnosed. This thing that is supposed to be used by people has turned us into its slave. Living in your room and not coming out for days. I believe  “The more social media we have, the more we think we’re connecting, yet we are really disconnecting from each other.” [3]  The author says with social media we think were talking face to face but its really pushing us farther apart. Having the ability to say things you’d never say in person, that’s a true fact. Instead we are separating from one another and it makes it harder to relate. Half of these people aren’t who they say to be, meeting the perfect guy online… must be fate.

Now don’t get me wrong, this argument has two completely different perspectives. The main message is don’t get caught on the net, as when the end comes, nothings worse than regret. But I believe the cons outweigh the pros by a huge margin, showing the damage social media can do. One of the deepest thoughts being that we Always have our heads down and might miss what’s ahead. The conversation always starts with “he or she said.”


When you watch this video you realize you can miss a lifetime of happiness from being trapped on social media. The message is to “Look Up” and make connections with real people and not to try and live life through technology.

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