Animals Like Pie

Journal entry #1 Life Of Pi

The information I received from the beginning of the novel to now is crazy! The thing that surprised me the most are the distances in which you can be from an animal for it to pose as a flight risk. This occurs when an animal is unsafe and feels the need to run away or leave an area. In regards to how the treatment of animals is, I think the zoos in general could do a much better job at making the animals feel at home.

This video will leave you sick to your stomach if you have ANY feelings towards animals. This is the Erbil Zoo located in the capital of the Kurdistan region. This video shows these animals confined in cages, left with garbage for food and absolutely no room to move driving them insane.


The reactions I have toward this are a feeling of disgust because they treat the animals so poorly. I was able to relate to them and feel a sense of disappointment on behalf of civilization, this is just unacceptable. How would you feel if you were taken from your home and put in a confined area or even worse, a cage. I think Pi goes into depth talking about animals behavior because it is similar to those of humans, as well as religion which is another topic Pi is intrigued by. But, specifically towards humans, animals tend to react the same way we do which is a very interesting fact. Animal behavior is very much related to human behavior in the sense that we feel different when placed in a new situation. That much like an animal when moved from the vast and beautiful jungle to a confined cage and plastic trees. One piece of wisdom that comes to mind when reading this is

“Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains awakened”

The incredible bond between man and beast
The incredible bond between man and beast

This piece of wisdom speaks volumes as to what animals can do for us when loved and cared for. We as humans are the most dangerous animals on this planet, not them. They deserve to live in peace because they do no harm to us unless we are the first to act. In his knowledge and concern for animals, Pi seems to be a very loving, caring and loyal man. My attitudes towards animals in this world are very open because they are all beautiful creatures. My opinion is that they aren’t meant to be locked up in cages and used as sources as entertainment for us humans. They deserve much more than they receive and time and time again we treat them in the worst ways. For example, many animal species such as West African Black Rhinoceroses who are now extinct due to US taking them away from their homes and killing them for financial gain or sticking them in zoos to eventually die. My concerns for the future are that there won’t be any animals left due to our constant need for them. Whether it be as pet’s in our homes, in zoos for entertainment, or dead for fur and food. The future for animals is in our hands and it’s time to make a change and this time, not for us.

Different Views of What we Once Knew

Macbeth Journal entry #1

1.) King Duncan – A very noble and trustworthy man. He sees Macbeth as a hero and crowns him Thane of Cawdor after the Rebel Thane was executed. In (I.v.14) King Duncan greets Macbeth as “Worthiest cousin”. This reveals he thinks of Macbeth as family, or blood related.

I disagree with the description because Duncan will soon find out Macbeth isn’t the man he reveals himself to be. I also disagree because Duncan is king, many people would love to be king. For example, Macbeth may be motivated to become King after receiving higher status because nobody would suspect him as the murderer.

2.) Other Thanes – They see him as the new kid in school. For example, Macbeth is new to the title given to him therefore they see Macbeth as very unacknowledged. This also has to do with the fact they don’t really know him. In (I.iii.135-136) the Thanes notice Macbeth’s distraught state but Banquo saves the day and tells them it is just Macbeth’s unfamiliarity with the title.

I agree with the Thanes opinion because they aren’t all just greeting Macbeth and becoming best friends right away like King Duncan. They are analyzing him and trying to figure out what kind of person he is. This is a proper approach to meeting new people because in the end, you may just get stabbed in the back.

3.) Lady Macbeth – She sees Macbeth as very weak and unwilling because of his soft nature. This is seen when she brings up her wish, which is for Macbeth to kill her husband, King Duncan. In (I.iv.17-18) Lady Macbeth says “It is too full O’ Th’ milk of human kindness to catch the nearest way.” This refers to Macbeth in which she thinks he is too weak to grab the Scottish crown. Therefore, the nearest way is to murder King Duncan.

I disagree with Lady Macbeth’s opinion because it is a lot easier to call someone else soft when you aren’t the one doing it. Macbeth has just been named Thane of Cawdor and now the Kings wife is planning for him to already to kill her husband. That’s a lot to take in if you’re him and I don’t think her judgement is fair.

4.) Macbeth – He is very humble at the beginning of the play and understands his role among the people. But as soon as he gets the prophecy from the three witches his mind is drowned in constant thought and confusion. Then, once Lady Macbeth speaks with him of her plans for him to murder her husband. That is when Macbeth starts to think about the situation and says to himself in (I.vii. 1-2) “If it were done when ’tis done, then ’twere well / It were done quickly”. He is saying that if everything could be over with as soon as Duncan is killed, then it would be best for Macbeth to kill him quickly.

I agree with this description because it is very accurate. After Macbeth gets the prophecy for his future from the witches he immediately changes, and not for the better. After the first prediction comes true he is now a strong believer that he will become king. But will he have the power to do what it takes to get the title…

5.) Nick Ciaglia – My own impressions of Macbeth are that he is a very good man and he knows his role among society and is happy with it. The only flaw he possesses is that he is very easily influenced , this could change everything in the story when the witches give him the prophecy of things to come.

Act 1, Scene 7 Soliloquies

This soliloquy adds to my understanding of Macbeth in a variety of ways. First, It seems as though Macbeth is starting to fathom the idea of killing Duncan. This is proven through line 7 where he says “We’d jump the life to come.” This means he would risk the chance of any life after death to kill Duncan. He also gets mad at King Duncan in line 17 “Hath borne his faculties so meek” This refers to Duncan as using his royal powers so modestly. This doesn’t alter my opinion on Macbeth because he is now starting to think more and more about killing Duncan. This is because of the ambition Lady Macbeth possess’ and the fact his reign as king was predicted by the three witches. This doesn’t surprise me because of how easily turned Macbeth is as a character. He states in line 4-5 “That but this blow might be the be-all and the end-all…” This line broken down means all that is needed to end everything. By killing King Duncan, complete chaos will arise and cause the death of many in the future on Macbeth’s quest to be King.


Lady Ambition

Macbeth Journal entry #2

My observations of Lady Macbeth are that she is very ambitious and manipulative. She has now told Macbeth of her plans for him to kill her husband. Macbeth is unsure of this idea and he thinks it will cause chaos among the people. Instead of giving up her plans and asking someone else, she tries to manipulate Macbeth by calling him soft and a variety of other words degrading his manhood.  By the end of Act 1 the words and the future of Macbeth being King start to persuade him to carry out the task. Although, i am curious as to whether she will regret killing her husband if the deed is ever fulfilled. Will she feel a sense of guilt if she is able to convince Macbeth to do it? Once she found out it was prophecy that Macbeth was to be King, she became more ambitious and knew she could use that to her advantage. If Macbeth were to ever kill Duncan I believe it would send the city in an internal war among the people. I also think Lady Macbeth would feel very guilty because of the part she played in her husbands death. Will she take her own life because of her mistakes? I Think she will, mainly because Scotland will never be the same if Duncan is murdered by Macbeth.

Independent Novel Creative Project

The World Without Us

My Reflection

The strategies I found helpful in creating my media project was the app I used called i Movie. It allowed me to post clips, add music, edit out mistakes and much more. For example, if I had messed up saying a line, with the click of a button I could simply crop it out.  I’m already working on a second project with this software because of how much I enjoyed it. Along with that, the book I chose had a moral message screaming at me ever since I picked it up. By that, I mean I didn’t have to spend time reading between the lines trying to figure out what the book was trying to tell me. This saved me a lot of time I used to edit the final project to perfection. I learned a lot throughout the process of creating my project, one of the most helpful being how much time it takes to make sure everything flows, and is in sync. Along with the positives, there are negatives. Being able to portray a message through words, pictures and sounds was troubling at times. For example, people may interpret a picture differently than someone else or may not understand the meaning of the picture because of the music in the background. I thought I did well with making sure the message was clear and able to understand. As well, I made sure the the video flowed and didn’t have any awkward parts. I even added some parts to make people laugh (hopefully). However, I struggled with trying to explain points about the book that I introduced in the video. However, if I were to explain those points my time would have been way over 5 minutes which by then, the audience would start to get bored and uninterested. If I were to do this project again I wouldn’t change anything but I would add an explanation as to what I mean when I say “the book has a lot of facts, interesting theories and etc…” and reduce the time of other clips. This is a very minor change that may improve the final product. But overall, I put a lot of time and effort into this video and I hope it reflects that.


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