So Far Gone

Macbeth Journal entry #3

The new information we have discovered about the Macbeth’s are that they have successfully killed King Duncan. In terms of the main character Macbeth, my feelings toward him have changed drastically. He went from being the nice guy who everybody liked to murdering the king in cold blood. I would describe Macbeth as very easily influenced by others and caring a lot about what others think of him. I feel with the perception that people have of him, he will not be accused of the murders and get away as the new king. On the other hand, Lady Macbeth in my opinion is very ambitious and has one goal, and won’t let anybody get in the way of it. Something that has stayed consistent is her ambition and her nature has now come to life after convincing Macbeth to kill  Duncan.

Lady Macbeth and Macbeth in Roman Polanski's rendition of the play
Macbeth and Lady Macbeth in Roman Polanski’s movie rendition of the play “Macbeth”

As the future for Macbeth and the country of Scotland unfolds I have a variety of predictions. First, I see Macbeth not being able to stop his desire to kill now that he has been brainwashed by his wife, Lady Macbeth. Also, with Macbeth’s new found determination I see himself getting into a situation that may have no way out. With that said, I predict that the Macduff will be able to see through Macbeth’s fake identity and stop the new formed Tyrant from running Scotland into the ground. In regards to Lady Macbeth, I predict she will go on as if the murders never happened because of the little remorse she has showed. Finally, I predict that the guilt of Duncan’s death will not affect Macbeth or Lady Macbeth because of how ambitious the pair have gotten together. But, will the witches prophecy for Macbeth come true or will it just drive him insane?

Lady Ambition

Macbeth Journal entry #2

My observations of Lady Macbeth are that she is very ambitious and manipulative. She has now told Macbeth of her plans for him to kill her husband. Macbeth is unsure of this idea and he thinks it will cause chaos among the people. Instead of giving up her plans and asking someone else, she tries to manipulate Macbeth by calling him soft and a variety of other words degrading his manhood.  By the end of Act 1 the words and the future of Macbeth being King start to persuade him to carry out the task. Although, i am curious as to whether she will regret killing her husband if the deed is ever fulfilled. Will she feel a sense of guilt if she is able to convince Macbeth to do it? Once she found out it was prophecy that Macbeth was to be King, she became more ambitious and knew she could use that to her advantage. If Macbeth were to ever kill Duncan I believe it would send the city in an internal war among the people. I also think Lady Macbeth would feel very guilty because of the part she played in her husbands death. Will she take her own life because of her mistakes? I Think she will, mainly because Scotland will never be the same if Duncan is murdered by Macbeth.

Independent Novel Creative Project

The World Without Us

My Reflection

The strategies I found helpful in creating my media project was the app I used called i Movie. It allowed me to post clips, add music, edit out mistakes and much more. For example, if I had messed up saying a line, with the click of a button I could simply crop it out.  I’m already working on a second project with this software because of how much I enjoyed it. Along with that, the book I chose had a moral message screaming at me ever since I picked it up. By that, I mean I didn’t have to spend time reading between the lines trying to figure out what the book was trying to tell me. This saved me a lot of time I used to edit the final project to perfection. I learned a lot throughout the process of creating my project, one of the most helpful being how much time it takes to make sure everything flows, and is in sync. Along with the positives, there are negatives. Being able to portray a message through words, pictures and sounds was troubling at times. For example, people may interpret a picture differently than someone else or may not understand the meaning of the picture because of the music in the background. I thought I did well with making sure the message was clear and able to understand. As well, I made sure the the video flowed and didn’t have any awkward parts. I even added some parts to make people laugh (hopefully). However, I struggled with trying to explain points about the book that I introduced in the video. However, if I were to explain those points my time would have been way over 5 minutes which by then, the audience would start to get bored and uninterested. If I were to do this project again I wouldn’t change anything but I would add an explanation as to what I mean when I say “the book has a lot of facts, interesting theories and etc…” and reduce the time of other clips. This is a very minor change that may improve the final product. But overall, I put a lot of time and effort into this video and I hope it reflects that.


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Our earth our souls

journal entry #12 (290-353 pages) [The End]

As the possibilities of life without humans come to a close, an interesting theory arises. “We don’t get out of this life alive and neither will the earth. Around 5 billion years from now, the sun will expand into a red giant, absorbing all the inner planets back into its fiery womb.” Wow! That’s a lot to wrap your head around. I think this prediction may be true, but after all, I won’t be alive to see if it is.

The sun compared to the earth
The sun compared to the earth

More crucial to us still on earth right now, is whether we humans can make it through what many scientists call this planets latest great extinction. What? We’re becoming extinct? How? Relax, this has been a theory studied for years and is very inaccurate and has been proven wrong many times. In my opinion, the correct answer to whether this world would go on without us is “who knows”. We can come up with millions of possibilities to and explain thiscrazy scenario but none would be true without everybody ACTUALLY disappearing and somebody ACTULLY watching.

The estimated world population growth
The estimated world population growth If child per mother rate were to drop to 2.0

The last factor is our population, it seems to keep on growing and growing. A study revealed that if the child per mother rate dropped from 2.6 to 2.0 our current population would decrease by 1 billion by 2050. That’s crazy, but if the rate were to stay the same, our population would increase to an estimated 9 billion people by the year 2050. I can predict, at that point, life on earth for all species would change dramatically. This is because so much of what we do is magnified by chain reactions. What is a chain reaction? For example, by us humans burning fossil fuels, we continue to break down the ozone layer which leads to glaciers and the polar ice caps melting in the arctic. This finally leads to the death of polar bears because there isn’t any ice to live on and they can’t swim forever. What will happen to earth in the future is a mystery, but what we’ve done in the past, that’s history.



Welcome to my blog party

The topic I am focusing on is the moral message. I chose this aspect to focus on because my book has a very strong message in what humans have done to the world, and how it affects society today. It’s also was very eye opening to me in regards to what the world would be like if humans were to disappear, hence the title “The World Without Us”. The purpose of my creation will be to make people aware of the consequences of what we do to the planet and Inform people ways to make the world better. The audience I picked are teenagers, I chose this audience because WE as a whole are the future, and if the world needs change, it starts with us. I will be creating a video blog which will have me speaking, along with some acting. This will allow me to keep people engaged, as well to have something for the audience to look at.

The earth is in our hands.
The earth is in our hands

I like this idea rather than just talking because if your just listening it gets boring and the audience won’t be engaged. But with the video blog, people will be able to watch me speak, which in my opinion, will keep people attracted and allow them to actually learn something from my presentation. My creation will convey people to see the world through a different lense and have a different perspective as to what we do that affects the world negatively. This will allow people to care more about what the effects are when we litter, burn fossil fuels and don’t recycle. I think this is very important in creating a better future not just for me, but for the future generation of the world.