So Far Gone

Macbeth Journal entry #3

The new information we have discovered about the Macbeth’s are that they have successfully killed King Duncan. In terms of the main character Macbeth, my feelings toward him have changed drastically. He went from being the nice guy who everybody liked to murdering the king in cold blood. I would describe Macbeth as very easily influenced by others and caring a lot about what others think of him. I feel with the perception that people have of him, he will not be accused of the murders and get away as the new king. On the other hand, Lady Macbeth in my opinion is very ambitious and has one goal, and won’t let anybody get in the way of it. Something that has stayed consistent is her ambition and her nature has now come to life after convincing Macbeth to kill  Duncan.

Lady Macbeth and Macbeth in Roman Polanski's rendition of the play
Macbeth and Lady Macbeth in Roman Polanski’s movie rendition of the play “Macbeth”

As the future for Macbeth and the country of Scotland unfolds I have a variety of predictions. First, I see Macbeth not being able to stop his desire to kill now that he has been brainwashed by his wife, Lady Macbeth. Also, with Macbeth’s new found determination I see himself getting into a situation that may have no way out. With that said, I predict that the Macduff will be able to see through Macbeth’s fake identity and stop the new formed Tyrant from running Scotland into the ground. In regards to Lady Macbeth, I predict she will go on as if the murders never happened because of the little remorse she has showed. Finally, I predict that the guilt of Duncan’s death will not affect Macbeth or Lady Macbeth because of how ambitious the pair have gotten together. But, will the witches prophecy for Macbeth come true or will it just drive him insane?

Macbeth Brought to Life

Macbeth Journal entry #5

After watching Polanski’s rendition of “Macbeth” I was able to view the play from a visual perspective which I enjoyed a lot! The overall atmosphere portrayed in the movie is very dark and gloomy. In my opinion, it isn’t very effective because if you think back to when this play was performed, it would have been performed during the day. This would allow the audience to be surprised when all the killing occurs throughout the play. I would  rather be surprised than already be able to assume because of the dark nature seen in the movie. However, the lights used in the play creates a very dramatic and intriguing vibe. They are used very effectively to portray the different moods experienced throughout the play. For example, in the scene Macbeth tries to grab the floating dagger, the light used allows you to almost feel what it was like to not grab it. (Excuse the subtitles)


One of the best executed pieces of the movie was the music, which allowed me to connect very well to the actions. The best scene represented was that in which Macbeth is sitting on top of Duncan with the dagger in his hands and when Duncan awakes, he is greeted to multiple stabs from Macbeth which led to his death.


Something I’ve noticed throughout the many movies and TV series I’ve watched are that the music plays a key role! In this film, it is used very carefully to assure you can feel what the character is feeling through the different types and volumes of  music heard. Another strength in the movie was definitely the clothing, I couldn’t find anything they could have changed, not one thing! If we were to go back to the 15th century, that is exactly how they would have dressed, period.

Actor “Jon Finch” who plays Macbeth in Roman Polanski’s film

Aside from the visuals and audio, there’s the actual acting piece which I thought was good, but nothing special. The actors in the movie do play their part appropriately but it seems like they’re playing it safe. I don’t feel like the actors took risks to achieve the standards of the play set by Shakespeare. The one flaw that stood out to me were the killing and fighting scenes, they just didn’t seem realistic. But, something that could have made or broken the play was in regards to the lines and what was said and what was taken out. From what I saw and heard, Polanski edited the lines to a T, meaning they were perfect and flowed very nicely with the action in the movie. In regards to the pacing, I thought some of the scenes happened way too slow! the main one being the death of Macbeth and how long the fight between him and Macduff took before his tragic death which gave Scotland as a country, new life and a new leader. To conclude, in overall examination of Polanski’s big picture I would say he did an excellent job at capturing the tragedy of Macbeth and if I were being picky I would suggest some minor changes, one being the acting of Lady Macbeth and also making the play have a brighter setting to avoid giving away the end result. But, all and all, a great film by Roman Polanski.